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Go get your free leads, you CAN do this!

This article, more than others is coming from the heart...about something I feel is very important to talk about right now. In fact, if you read this whole article today I can't guarantee you will have the same perception you had when you started. Consider yourself warned... The content below is Raw, and un adulterated, I just need to get this off my chest - then show you how get get your free Leads.Anyone with a little savvy can put up a site and be seen on Google, but are they reputable? If you Google the word "Leads" you'll find a gazillion places offering them. Problem is...can you trust the source? Are they fresh, targeted leads?. I'll get to that in a bit, but first a little warning... get ready to do some soul-searching, lol!

-----Lets begin...----

CHALLENGES are absolutely and almost ALWAYS inevitable to avoid. It does not matter who you are, what you are doing, where you live, where you came from... almost NOTHING matters when it comes to making it on your own in our world today. And if you're reading this article... then its almost 100% certain that YOU are attempting to make it on your own in our world. It's almost certain that YOU are taking your income, your business, your life into your own hands... and pursuing a path that will lead you closer to where you want to be. If that's the case, and you're not a trust fund baby, then you will never be exempt from the inevitable challenges life will throw at you from all angles. You see, the challenges are NOT the problem. It's our 'Reaction' to challenges that cause OUR problems. Many people might think those who are successful just got 'lucky'. Or they didn't have to face as many challenges. That's one of the ways we justify or make up excuses for why we are in the current positions we are in. We make up excuses that we are having to face more challenges than other people... and that's why we can't be successful.


That is a LOAD of POOPY!! You want to know what that is? It's a 'Self Pity Party' that you're throwing around the clock. And the only person invited is YOU. When we are in that mindset... we create this isolated lonely little world for ourselves... Where we are the victim of what's happening... and nothing is our fault. We do this out of our PURE lack of accountability for what WE are experiencing and feeling in our lives. And we want to blame the world or some circumstance because it's easier than blaming ourselves. ---Thats The Truth--- And here's the problem with that...

1. It will NEVER lead to success. Literally, if that is your mindset for absolutely anything in life you are ensuring you NEVER achieve what it is you are looking for. That is a literal guarantee.

2. We MISS the TRUE opportunity life is presenting us with. We totally let it pass us by when we can't see it for what it is.

'Challenges' are not things that happen to us because life is unfair. Challenges are not things that happen to us because the Universe hates us and secretly conspires to make us miserable and never get what we want. *Challenges* happen to us because they NEED to happen to us or we would NEVER grow past our current state. Challenges happen to us because they are literally inviting us to step up to the plate and truly GROW as a human being and entrepreneur. ***THAT Is Another Truth*** And when you really SEE life that way, when you really see that each and every thing happens to you for a divine purpose that we may or may not even be able to understand... it will 'Radically' alter the way you live, and radically alter the way you play this game called business. So let me reiterate a few things thus far. NO ONE is above challenges. Absolutely no one. It doesn't matter who you are... you will face them.

Welcome to reality. There will NEVER be an easy way you achieve what you are looking for. There will never be this 'Lucky Break' you get where one thing happens and takes away all your problems without you doing the work FIRST. And I've got more news for you today my friend... I STILL face challenges ALL the time in my businesses. :) You might be saying to yourself at the moment, "Darn, this article stinks! When am I going to get to all the happy, mushy, pick me up stuff about my challenges!?" And all I can say is be patient. There is a reason I'm being this up front right now... and it's because my intention is to 'INSTILL' a much deeper mindset in you to CREATE real success. You see, I now realize that if I'm facing a challenge in my business it's because I am doing something WRONG. Almost every time challenges arise... they are pointing out an area I am weak in, and really NEED to focus. Challenges are literally 'Guiding' the way and showing me each and every thing I need to do to be better. They are literally GUIDING me to reach every single thing I'm really looking for. And all I have to do is "LISTEN" and pass the tests when they arise... But I certainly know I didn't have that mindset when I first came into this industry. I know that when I came into this industry my mindset was far more 'flimsy'.
Any little thing could set you back... and running for the hills for cover. And honestly, that's probably were most people are today. Ready to 'Book For The Hills' at the first sign of pain, fear, or failure. But I wrote this article here today because I want MORE for you. I don't want a simple mistake in understanding challenges and why they happen to cause you to 'Run' for safety. I care about you enough to BELIEVE in you that you really CAN create the success you want in life... and I just want to share with you what I've learned about it. And What I've Learned... Is that WE are the ones who responsible for all we create. Not anyone else... but WE. We are the ones who IGNORE the signs being sent to us... We are the ones who ignore the REAL reasons challenges might be happening in our lives... We are the ones who ignore the REAL reasons we might not be moving forward as fast as we want... It is us who ignores all that. And I'm here today to say... don't RUN from your challenges. *EMBRACE THEM* Don't run from what is frightening...

*MEET IT* I can promise you... that if you do this your ENTIRE life will change. I can promise you changes will begin to happen in your world like you wouldn't believe when you just FACE what it is you're afraid of, or is challenging you. When that little 'Shift' inside of us happens, when we just start facing instead of running... It's almost impossible to describe the change you will see. It's almost impossible to describe how much more POWERFUL of an entrepreneur you will become. On the other side of our fear... Is a world of truly endless possibility. On the other side of our fear... is a world where NOTHING can ever stop you from being happy, and truly going after your dreams in life. It's a staggering view... I'd love for you to see it as well. Take this email as YOUR invitation to look at all the challenges happening in your life in a COMPLETELY different manner. Take this email as the invitation to transform any 'Self Pity' you might be holding onto...into a TRUE understanding of why things are happening. There is almost no more valuable of a quality we can develop within ourselves. And almost nothing else that is truthfully as powerful as that to get us where we want to be. Hopefully this helped you in some way today Isabel, and if not... that's ok too. Just know... I really am GUNNING for you. I really do want you to find what it is you're truly looking for. And I know you're here today to GET IT. That's why you're on this list and reading this email. Because you're going after it. And don't let anything stop you my friend...

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