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Obesity Buster Fat Burning System

In May 2005 the Salt Lake City ABC 4 News team decided to test a remarkable health and wellness program by Isagenix.These products are a part of an effective, healthy obesity buster program!

The program, called the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System, had been providing people with incredible results—specifically with
weight loss.*

Isagenix®, based in Chandler, Ariz., believes in cleansing
the body internally with a natural aloe botanical drink. By
doing so regularly—in conjunction with Isagenix IsaLean®
Shakes and eating a balanced diet—the company says
you’ll not only lose weight, but you’ll also be on the road to
becoming healthy, clean, and lean.**

Reports from many Isagenix Independent Associates and customers claim the Cleansing and Fat Burning System has helped them lose
substantial weight... and inches.*

152 Pounds Lost*
One of those customers is Kim Olson, who previously
weighed nearly 300 pounds. Kim had struggled with her
weight for 23 years and had tried her share of fad diets.
“With each [diet] I’d lose weight,” Kim says, “but then I’d
gain it back... and then some.” Do you think she needed an obesity buster program? You betcha!

Kim was then introduced to the Isagenix Cleansing and
Fat Burning System
. Kim followed the program diligently
and stayed on the product consistently. She focused on her
goals and achieved them monthly.
Now Kim has lost a total of 152 pounds.* That’s not all.
She’s managed to keep it off—a difference that has given
her a new way of living, filled with energy and new-found
confidence. “This is the smallest I’ve been in 23 years,”
says Kim. “Isagenix has totally changed my life.”

The Isagenix® Challenge ABC 4’s test involved two people, Debbie Olds and Rob Rogers, both of whom had never tried any Isagenix products
before. Debbie is a mother of two and wanted to lose
weight to gain energy. Rob wanted more energy also, but
hoped to finally get back to his college-football weight. The
two took their own measurements, weighed themselves,
and started with their Cleanse Days.

Both participants saw results right away. They each kept
track of inches and pounds lost. After five days on the
Cleansing and Fat Burning System, ABC 4 reported Debbie
lost 4 pounds.* Rob had lost 13.* “That’s pretty good,”
said Debbie, happy with the result. “My pants are nice and
loose,” added Rob, who expected the program to be more

The Results
By the ninth day, ABC 4 reported Rob had lost 22 pounds.*
“I feel really good,” said Rob, energized and thrilled to see
himself slimmer. “When I measured I said, ‘No I’m cheating,
I’m pulling the tape too tight,’ but I wasn’t, it was real loss.”
Debbie was glad to have lost weight, but more pleased
about her new level of energy. “My 8 pounds* that I lost is
almost irrelevant for the amount of energy that I feel, the
amount of sleep I’ve been getting, and how clear I can
think,” said Debbie.




The Cleansing and Fat Burning System, available in a 9-
or 30-day supply, contact us for more information:



Isabel Gelo - Columbie, Isagenix Independant Product Consultant

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* Weight-loss results may vary. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.
** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


dissapointed with your Diet? The answer is here.

How well is your diet lately? Can we really trust the nutrition we get from our food is a dense as we think? We might think our diet is balanced, or not! The point is that there are a lot of folks looking for a healthier lifestle for themselves and their families.

The answer is here. First, let's compare our groceries and the effectiveness of incorporating the Isagnix lifestyle. This is not a diet - it truly is a healthy change of how you perceive the diet, or the nutrition you consume.

Did you know that the average cost of groceries has risen 8.4 percent this year? Whether it’s the increasing cost of healthcare, gas or groceries, it’s no secret that millions of people are feeling the pressure of tough economic times.

So how does our Nutritional Cleansing system fit into your shrinking budget? Isagenix is a cost effective, convenient and healthy solution in any economy, especially when compared to the average cost of groceries and eating meals out. Isagenix systems replace up to three meals a day and eliminate spending on groceries or eating meals out.

Isagenix products are quick and easy to prepare and they provide your busy family with all the nutrients they need.

Can you really put a price tag on living your life to the fullest
and achieving optimum health? We can. We need to change the mindset of the word "diet"! Let's realistically compare a few things...


  • 1 month groceris and eating meals out: $539
  • That’s nearly $18/day or $6 per meal.

ISAGENIX -  Cleansing and Fat Burning System: $260

  • 30-day supply (64 meals)
  • Non-Isagenix® Meals (26 meals) $156

        ($6 per day for a third meal) TOTAL:  $416**

  • That’s nearly $14/day or $4.62 per meal!


With Isagenix you save:






* The average American spends per month.
** The average person eats 90 meals per month. With a 30-Day System there are 26 Shake Days (52 meals) and 4 Cleanse Days (12 meals), totaling 64 meals.


For more information contact us at: http://thebestcleansesystem.info


Isabel Gelo - Columbie, Isagenix Independant Product Consultant

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Free Yourself From Obesity

Mark Weber

What Is Overweight and Obesity?

They are not the same and usually common misconception. A person is consider overweight when they have an excessive amount of body weight, this includes muscle, bone, fat and water. However, obesity is the accumulation of excessive body fat. Being overweight does not necessarily mean that one is obese. A body builder for instance, would be consider overweight by all practical standards due to the amount of muscle mass, but not obese. In most cases, those that are overweight are consider obese!

Geographic Breakdown

The Domestic Impact While obesity rates have increased in adults nationwide, the obesity epidemic has increased more dramatically in specific areas of the country. The following chart depicts a regional breakdown of the obesity epidemic among people in the U.S. The prevalence of overweight and obesity is highest overall in the Southern region of the country.

Prevalence of Overweight, Obesity by Region

America’s Obesity Epidemic In 1991, only four of 45 states participating in the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System had obesity prevalence rates of 15 to 19 percent and none had obesity prevalence rates greater than 20 percent. By the year 2000, all of the 50 states had obesity prevalence rates of 15 percent or greater, with 35 of the 50 states having obesity prevalence rates as high as 20 percent or greater.

In 2001:

  • 20 states had obesity prevalence rates of 15–19 percent
  • 29 states had obesity prevalence rates of 20–24 percent
  • One state had an obesity prevalence rate of more than 25 percent

The prevalence of obese individuals in the U.S. increased to 20.9 percent in 2001, a 5.6 percent increase in one year and a 74 percent increase since 1991. The following chart outlines the growing obesity epidemic by state.

*Based on age-adjusted prevalence of obesity among U.S. adults, age 20 years or over.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking kills approximately 442,000 Americans each year, while obesity kills 300,000. Although the food industry and some doctors have challenged the estimate of 300,000 deaths from obesity as unreliable, the surgeon general and numerous experts have adopted it _ and some even suggest the toll is higher.

Those that are obese live a desperate life trapped in a shell that is not reflective of the person within. Sadly, some are lonely from within filled with depression and a host of illnesses just waiting to die. In most cases, they can not be reached by love ones that try to encourage them to lose weight. Surgeries in my opinion, not only does more harm then good but also removes the essence of what was given at birth. Unfortunately for many, exercise is not always possible and may lead to heart failure for those who are morbidly obese.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE; FREE YOURSELF FROM OBESITY! The body has to be BALANCED. Diets, low carb meals, and a host of other quick fixes deprive the body of the nutrients which are essential to one's health and weight loss.



Mark Weber Complete Story

Name: Mark Location: Louisville, CO Age: 50 Height: 6’0” Was: 480+ lbs Lost: 330 lbs* As Of: October 2008


Food Matters

Dr. Dr. Give Me The Truth

with love and much success,

yours truly Allen Hafford


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Isagenix System Weight Loss and Obesity Study

Isagenix System Weight Loss and Obesity Study

Obesity and its associated degenerative diseases including heart disease continue to rise in an unrelenting epidemic. Despite media attention to the magnitude of the problem, people continue in lifestyles that promote disease. However, a growing number in the population recognize the need for personal responsibility in health matters. A new food technology bringing a fresh approach to the problem has helped numerous individuals
recapture many aspects of health including substantial weight loss. This cleansing system has captured the attention of the medical community as well because the results are gained without added stimulants, herbs or drugs.

An evaluation of the effects of the nutritional cleansing was performed to systematically examine body composition as measured by deltoid skin-fold or impedance analysis. Moreover, analysis of serum chemistries, lipids, and a comprehensive review of body systems were performed to identify subjective as well as objective findings associated with this technology.

Consumption of the food technology would have no significant effectson body composition, body systems review or blood chemistry.

Study Design: One hundred volunteers were recruited from four medical practices in Utah and California. Initial body composition was obtained by either deltoid skin-fold measurements taken 8 centimeters below the acromio-clavicular joint or by impedance using a Tanita body composition analyzer Model TBF-105. The volunteers completed a comprehensive review of systems and blood was obtained for a basic metabolic profile,
lipid profile and in a small subset for testosterone or oxytocin. Urine was collected for 5-HIAA measurements and a screening urinalysis. Ketostrips were given to the participants to monitor their daily ketone levels during the cleansing cycle. The volunteers were instructed on the recommended cleansing program which requires nine days to complete. At the end of the cycle, the measurements and blood work were again collected. The participants were also asked to measure the circumference of multiple
sites and track how many inches were lost over the cleansing period.

Results: Body composition: The average weight loss was 7.6 pounds.

For women the average weight loss was 7.2 pounds. For men it was 8.3 pounds. For women the body mass index decrease was 2.4 and for men 2.3. The skin-fold analysis involved 25 patients and these had measurements of circumferences of 13 areas in addition to the skin-fold measurement. Two dropped out and one completed 8 days. Their ages ranged from 20 to 68. Their average weight was 235 pounds. The average total inches lost in the nine days was 16.6 inches. In a previous unpublished trial involving18 women from the ages of 18 to 45 and whose average weight was over 200 pounds, the total inches lost innine days was 17 inches.

Basic Metabolic Profile: Serum was analyzed for sodium, potassium, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, chloride, carbon dioxide, calcium, and glucose. These measurements were unchanged with the exception in men; the average serum glucose declined 11 gm/dl. Total cholesterol declined an average of 24 mg/dl in men and 14 mg/dl in women. Triglycerides decreased by 68 mg/dl in men and 25mg/dl in women.

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol dropped an average 13 mg/dl in men and 7 mg/dl in women. HDL cholesterol declined 0.7 mg/dl in women but increased 1.3 mg/dl in men.

Hormones: In men, testosterone increased 76 ng/dl (18%). In women, oxytocin levels were unchanged. An attempt was made to evaluate urinary 5-HIAA levels as a surrogate for serotonin. The results showed levels essentially unchanged. Urinary 5-HIAA proved difficult to correlate with neuro-chemical serotonin. There are numerous confounding dietary modifiers as well. Unfortunately, in a study such as this, it is not possible to obtain cerebral spinal fluid 5-HIAA levels which would be a more accurate assessment of the serotonin system.

Body Systems Review: As part of the clinical evaluation, a questionnaire consisting of 175 questions divided into groups related to various body systems was asked. Answers were graded as 0, 1, 2 or 3 from no problem to severe problem. Each subset was totaled. Overall the compiled score decreased 11 points demonstrating lessened somatic complaints and a better overall sense of well-being. The most changed review of systems
was neurological/psychological. Mood improved the most. The system groups were labeled neurological, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, urinary tract, skin, gynecological, and a total rating.

Discussion: This study demonstrates the remarkable safety of the system. The results are significant in that electrolytes remained stable, as did renal function and serum calcium.  ean body mass was generally preserved and patients reported improved overall health in just a few days. Blood sugars were stabilized and lipids levels improved. Body composition was markedly improved with significant decreases in weight and body fat percentages. Total inches lost were also remarkable. We conclude from this that the total inches lost was a measure of the total body fat lost as indicated by the drop in the body mass index. Subjectively, people reported more energy, a more even temperment, less subjective pain, and improvements in several body system groups.

This food technology differs from diet programs in many important aspects. Diets for weight loss typically attempt to cause imbalances in carbohydrate, fat and protein rations.
Perhaps for this reason alone, diets are not sustainable and dieters nearly always yo-yo their weight over time causing progressive increases in percentage of body fat. This composition change is a result of losing lean muscle mass during the diet phase and adding extra fat as the weight is put back on over time. This study corroborates company testimonials of multiple general health benefits in addition to rapid but safe reductions in


The Isagenix System is a multifaceted program incorporating education, exercise, healthy lifestyle and dietary choices, and the Isagenix nutritional supplement formulations.
This abstract, reprinted in its entirety, is intended to provide a balanced view of the available scientific information related to the Isagenix System.
This information is intended for general educational purposes and not to sell specific products. This does not constitute labeling, endorsements or advertisements for any particular products and should not be interpreted as recommending how to treat any particular diseases or health-related conditions.

The Effects of a New Food Technology on Body Composition, Body Systems and Blood Chemistries
Dennis Harper, DO
Thomas McNeilis, DO
Cynthia Watson, MD
Bryan Turner, DVM, MD

Study sponsored by Isagenix International, Inc.


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Athlete Cleanse and Muscle Building System

Nutritional Cleansing unlocks the miracle of the human  - Athlete Cleanse and Muscle Building Program

Nutritional Cleansing, especially the top notch products from Isagenix,  increases the health benefits you’ll receive from the ancient health practice of cleansing. The herbs, vitamins and minerals that aid cleansing do two things:

  • Accelerate the removal of impurities from the body.

  • Nourish the body with vital nutrients to rapidly revive health.

A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger, resists illness better, is more efficient and performs at a higher level than one that is filled with impurities. Many people notice an ability to reach and maintain their ideal weight.

It’s important to keep in mind that every human body can benefit from Isagenix for complete rejuvenation and repair of cells. Isagenix "replenishes" the cells once they are "cleansed". This is what sets the products apart in the health and wellness industry.

Athletes as much as anyone can use Isagenix to help buffer the lactic acid from the high physical demands of their workouts. All the products are extremely alkaline which is what boosts the immune system helping to provide for optimum recovery.Two flagship products I recommend for Athletes are Ionix® Supreme and IsaPro®.


For more information visit the links below and contact me anytime!


To your Health and Wealth,

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9 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System Facts

I can tell you from all the so called "diets" and programs I've tried, the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System is the BEST for losing weight, detoxing and cleansing our bodies from impurities.

The Cleanse and Fat Burning System helps you remove impurities, and can also help you lose weight through nutritional cleansing, meal-replacement shakes, high quality nutrients and regular exercise.

Cleansing has also been practiced throughout history to help remove impurities and encourages natural weight loss and optimal health. Along with a reduced calorie diet and exercise, nutritional cleansing is THE missing link that helps you lose weight.

While cleansing, "Cleanse for Life" nourishes your body with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals. Lose weight and become healthier through nutritional cleansing with "Cleanse for Life"! Replenish your body with delicious meal replacement "IsaLean Shakes" and revitalize with high-quality nutrients from Ionix Supreme.

In my first 9 Day Cleanse, I lost 13 pound by following the Cleanse and Fat Burning System. In my second 9 Day Cleanse, I lost 12 pounds for a total of 25 pounds...I have never felt better, my health is right on track, I have a TON of energy and sleep like a baby. I can keep up with my teenage boys and pre-teen princess now more than ever - my 18 year old has heard countless comments about his "sister", lol. That's me! (of course, we all know that results may vary - you might lose more, or less)

My kids love the IsaLean Shakes and have dedicated themselves to having one at least once a day - more if it's before a sports event. They see and feel the benefit, and how GOOD that makes me feel to know that they are feeding their bodies something healthy and balanced - not empty carbs and sugar!

Cleanse your way to a healthier, leaner body - now in our toxin-filled environment, cleansing is more important than ever. Research shows that a reduced-calorie diet high in nutrients helps people lose weight and live longer. Now recent studies show nutritional cleansing can also help.

Here is how to follow the 9 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System:

Days 1&2: Replace two meals with two IsaLean Shakes
Eat one sensible meal of 400–600 calories.

Days 3&4: Take four ounces, or ½ cup, of Cleanse for Life mixed with eight ounces of cold purified water four times daily.

*To help boost energy, sprinkle a small amount of Want More Energy?® in your Cleanse for Life™ drink and pour over ice.
*Or drink four ounces of Cleanse for Life™followed by eight ounces of water.
*To help prevent cravings, eat a raw, organic almond every two hours.

Days 5-7: Replace two meals with two IsaLean Shakes
Eat one sensible meal of 400–600 calories.

Days 8&9: Take four ounces, or ½ cup, of Cleanse for Life mixed with eight ounces of cold purified water four times daily.

Every Day
• Take 1–2 Natural Accelerator™ capsules to
help jump-start your metabolism.
• Drink a minimum of 8–10 glasses of water to
enhance your results.
• Drink 1–2 ounces of Ionix® Supreme to boost
energy and help relieve stress. (not included in the 9 Day program)
• Take 1–2 capsules of IsaFlush!® to promote
regularity. (not included in the 9 Day program)
• Enjoy 1–4 IsaDelight™ Chocolates daily to
help your mood, energy and cravings.
(not included in the 9 Day program)
• Exercise at least 20

Oh, did I mention I would be your Cleansing Coach? I'll send you emails every day of your program educating your more on the products and what to do for the following day.

Remember to ask me how to get your products for FREE as well - it's a win-win situation! For more information on all the above, go to these sites:








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